Graduate Awards

Terms of Award

$10,000 per annum (all awards must be matched by other funding from supervisor)
12 months
August 1st (awards to commence September 1st)
December 1st (awards to commence January 1st)

To be eligible applicants must be a student registered in an MSc or Ph.D. program, study in the field of Neuroinflammation and work full-time under the supervision of a member of the Neuroinflammation Training Program.

The Training Program will only support 3 trainees per supervisor at a time.

  • The award amount of $10,000 per annum is intended to cover only half of the trainee's stipend. - Trainees must have another source of research funding (e.g. funds from a defined operating grant) to cover the remainder of their stipend. The amount of matching funding must equal or exceed the contribution of the Training Program.
  •  The second year of funding is subject to the following conditions: i) available funding for the training program; ii) receipt of a progress report from the trainee (and evaluation from the supervisor); and iii) evidence that the trainee has applied for another independent award during the first 10 months of this award or has previously held such an award. 
  •  Neuroinflammation Training Program awards may not be held concurrently with other major salary awards (i.e., any award that is intended to cover the stipend of the trainee). If the trainee is successful in obtaining another major award, the unspent stipend MUST be returned to the Training Program.
  •  Trainees are expected to participate in Training Program sponsored events. They are also expected to keep their electronic trainee account up to date.
  •  A final progress report must be submitted at the end of the full term of the award. Supervisors whose trainees have NOT submitted a final progress report will NOT be eligible to receive funding for other trainees under their supervision 
  •  Training awards may only be used for salary and not for travel, relocation, or other purposes. 
  •  All presentations, abstracts and manuscripts must acknowledge support of the Neuroinflammation Training Program