David, Samuel PhD


Center for Research in Neuroscience, MUHC
1650 Cedar Ave., Montreal, H3G 1A4
514-934-1934 (44240)

Research Profile

My laboratory is interested in three areas: (1) CNS autoimmune demyelinating disease Multiple sclerosis (MS). We have recently characterized the role of the phospholipase A2 (PLA2) super-family in a widely used mouse model of MS called experimental autoimmune encephalitis (EAE). We are currently studying the molecular mechanisms underlying iron accumulation in the CNS in relapsing-remitting and chronic forms of EAE and MS, and the role of iron in disease pathogenesis.  (2) The contribution of inflammation (macrophage/microglia) in secondary tissue damage after spinal cord injury.  We are particularly interested in characterizing the complex responses of these key cells involved in the innate immune response to CNS injury.  (3) Iron homeostasis in the CNS. We are studying the molecular control of iron homeostasis in different cell types in the CNS.  This is an important area of work as dysregulation of iron  evels contributes to various neurodegenerative diseases such as MS and ALS.


Cell biology, molecular and biochemical techniques, in vivo models, cell culture, anatomical and histological techniques, behavioral analysis of locomotor function.

Recent Publications